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Aspyre R6 Roster Announced

By Justyn "Reider" Reid

Written Jan 19th, 2022

Finally after some long searching during a minor team restructure the Aspyre Rainbow 6 team has a finalized roster just two weeks into Night League Season 2. The team is set to take on the St Louis Leviathans Thursday, January 20th. The announced roster includes long-time Team Captain Dirty, Sledgs, Pickle, Paper and the two most recent signings; Kobe and Done.

Done fills an important spot acting as the In Game Leader (IGL) for Aspyre, he also has quite an impressive background playing in Challenger League Qualls and SCS Closed Qualls as well as finishing well in the NA Contender League.

Yalibut will remain as Head Coach and will try to guide this new roster to their first championship. “I'm really excited” Quoted from Head Coach Yalibut. “We have very knowledgeable players and we are exercising discipline on and off the battlefield to maximize our growth and potential. Aspyre will be CL.”

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Listen Below:

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