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Rogue is a gaming company at heart.  We strive to improve the in-game performance of gamers and streamers everywhere!  We are the only gaming drink company in the World with 4 unique product lines to suit your task at hand.  Our low calorie, no sugar, Energy formula is the perfect alternative to sugar-filled, canned energy drinks and sodas.  Our Extreme formula provides the most energy, focus, and sports performance possible. Our Hydration line offers focus ingredients without the added caffeine.  Drink it anytime you are thirsty.  Finally, our Shake formula is a delicious, zero-calorie energy milkshake.

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The Esports Club Association at Marshall University, or ECA @MarshallU, was founded in March of 2020 as a unifying body for all esports-related student organizations on campus.

We are a competitive collective with a broadcast and production-centric focus, with aspirations to cement new identities for Marshall University and the state of West Virginia as a whole as powerhouses in the sphere of collegiate esports.

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Summer of 2015, Akquire is the result of my two passions, art and action sports. We have been involved in action sports for over 20 years starting off with skateboarding, then moving onto skiing/snowboarding, dirtbiking and finally wakeboarding. Some of my most fond memories took place in skate-parks, lift-lines, fields and docks.

At Akquire, we are always aiming to push the boundaries on the products we can offer while maintaining some of the best customer service in the industry..

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