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Aspyre Call Of Duty Returns

By Cameron “Airzee” Ayres

Written April 28th, 2022

The Aspyre fanbase is in for a treat as Call Of Duty makes its return to Aspyre this summer as the organization announced on April 4th that they have signed the CCL’s Fanshawe FUEL roster to a four-season contract with the possibility of extension at contract end. The pickup of the FUEL roster will shape out to be one of the most competitive teams that compete in any league they sign for. The FUEL went 16-4 in the regular season finishing 1st in the tier 2 pool securing a one game play in during the ongoing CCL Playoffs. The roster consists of a former Aspyre COD player and 5 new faces that will round out the summer 2022 Aspyre Roster.

Puppz (Sacha Kurucz) (Main SMG) - Puppz returns to the organization after a winter break to focus on competing for Fanshawe and has continued to be a consistent slayer and leader for the FUEL.

Puppz said in an interview that he is excited to be back with the opportunity given and the team as it is constructed looks to be a tough and competitive team.

Mega (Eric Jackson) (Main SMG) - Mega has been one of the most improved players on the FUEL roster emerging as an all-star slayer/route SMG's in the CCL having a slow start to his CCL career in stage 1 but flipping the script halfway through the stage into stage 2 turning into one of the leagues underrated players.

Mega combined with Puppz will make Aspyre have one of the best dynamic duos in semi-pro COD.

Bonk (Jake Deneau) (Flex) - Bonk has been one of the great underdog stories since his first game with the FUEL as he came into tryouts and impressed the scouting of FUEL T1 to make the team out of camp. Starting as a main AR for the team he quickly took over the flex role with his comfortability playing the sub and AR on many maps and modes.

Radix {C} (Shane Broad) (Main AR) - Radix is Aspyre’s captain and has leadership experience in the CCL as FUEL’s captain. Radix is a smart main AR that helps with play calling and provides many clutch moments for the team when they need it. Switching from flex role to the main AR Radix has stabilized the back end of the FUEL roster which he looks to bring over to Aspyre this summer.


50Cent (Ben Brooks) (Flex) - 50Cent had been on the FUEL’s radar during the 2022 CCL season however electing to take another year to work on his game. The flex player has stated he feels more comfortable in a main AR role however can play smg if needed. 50Cent will bring passion and grit to the roster in a substitute role.

A1rzee (Cameron Ayres) (Main SMG) - A1rzee joins as the 2nd sub for the roster after leading FUEL Academy in slaying sporting a 1.33 KD. Listed as a main smg A1rzee is comfortable playing any role if needed as he continues to work with the Aspyre team during the summer season as a player/writer and caster.

Stay up to date with all things Aspyre: Twitter - @Asypre_ENT. Twitch - @AspyreENT

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