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How to get recruited to an Esports Organization

By Justyn "Reider" Reid

Written September 11th, 2022

So you're good at a game, any game, you have been putting in the hours in aim lab and your ranking higher then ever. So you decide you want to join a team so that one day just maybe you could go pro. You post your Free Agent resume on Twitter which looks something like this;


ID: Reider#0000

17 yo

Duel/Initi Jett/Raze/Sova/Skye

Rank: Imm2

Time Zone EST

Availability: Anytime


Works great with a team and will do anything to win

You also post this in every competitive Valorant discord you can find, but, nothing comes back. So you start direct messaging T4-T3-T2 organizations on twitter and discord but again no response. It’s been about a week and you just lose motivation and give up. The harsh reality is that players like you are a dime a dozen in any competitive esport.


Step One: Don’t be like everyone else.

Re-create your Free Agent resume. In 2-4 sentences explain your playstyle, short and sweet. Use other stats rather than your rank, coaches and managers value your stats, game sense, and teamwork over your rank. Furthermore, you should explain your game style rather than listing what agent or role you play. It’s very important to list any previous experience you might have.


I am looking for a Valorant team! My name is Reider, I am a fast entry player who excels at creating space for my team. I have over 500 games played in ranked and in the last 20 games I have an average combat score of 450. (LIST ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE ON A TEAM). I play my role and mesh well with any team, I take great pride in my leadership skills and I value my punctuality and dedication.

Thank you

Step Two: BACK IT UP

Step two is very simple, back up your claims in the form of stats clips and on-call performance. Make sure you have clips that show off your team play, leadership, game intelligence, and gun skill. Stats can consist of your rank, previous ranks, best games, and anything game-specific that would look good for you. Finally, you might be called to a tryout of sorts where you will have to be able to perform at your highest level when requested, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Make sure you have a backlog of all of these things to reference in the future.

Step Three: Lower your standards.

If all has failed maybe you're looking in the wrong place. There is certainly someone out there who would love to have you. Find that team and start competing, experience is everything, and the more you have the better your odds are. No matter what team you are playing with make sure you keep a great attitude, play as a team player, put your ego aside and continue training all of your skills because one day you may get noticed. Everyone's path is different and nobody started at the top. Find passion, keep grinding and find your success.

Following these steps is not a guarantee of anything. Esports requires great dedication to move on up and only the most dedicated players make it to the top. There is no easy road to success.

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