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In-Depth Analysis: Fracture Rework

By Justyn "Reider" Reid

Written September 27th, 2022

The long-awaited rework of the controversial Valorant map Fracture has been leaked to Twitter and shows multiple game-changing edits that will definitely change the way we approach the map. Today we are going to have a look at each change and all of the positives and negatives that come with it.

First off the map’s concept has not changed, the defenders will still spawn in the middle of the map and the attackers will still be able to choose which side of the map they want to attack from. Although the general idea of fracture is still intact, there are three major changes that many players believe solves the map's original problem.

The first change occurs in A-Rope where a platform has been extended on the outside sort of like a balcony shown here.

This is a very substantial change as it allows defenders to see the A site from the elevated position of A Rope. It also allows defenders more positioning options against attackers entering from A Door, Dish, and even Main. Certainly a defensive buff this addition can change post-plant setups and retakes making the A Site more difficult for attackers.

The next change is a complete re-work of Dish, shown here;

As shown, Dish now only has a single path to the A Site rather than the second option around the other side of Dish, this takes away the variety of defensive off angles against approaching attackers. The initial response to this change was mixed as many players liked the second lane around the Dish. As shown above, the entry from Dish onto the A Site has changed as well, the platform has been pushed back towards Dish making the A Site less rectangular and giving players more platform to use before hopping down onto the site, an attacker can also see the open corner of the site, an angle that also can be seen from main. This gives attackers more variety in the post plant.

The final change is the attacker's entry to Arcade shown below;

The lane is notably wider and swaps out the boxes for an indent in the lane on the right side. This provides attackers with more cover from aggressive defenders. Any player coming from B Tunnel also has much more to look at. Other than this the rest of Arcade and the B Site largely remains the same.

A walk-through of all the changes is shown below, posted by Twitter user @floxayyy. Let us know on Twitter what you think of the possible changes for Fracture!

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Listen Below:

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