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Aspyre Astra Gets Silver In CasterClash Tournament

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

By Reider and Mins101

January 9th 2022

Last Night at 2am EST Aspyre Astra clinched silver in the Truman Factory Caster Clash GRANDFINALS. The CasterClash is a eight team tournament where 8 casters from the BeyondRanked community enter a team to compete for one thousand dollars USD. Astra, sponsored in by blaklightningrl lost two very close matches against BLVKHVND (BlackHand).

Nonetheless Aspyre Astra ROLLED over their opponents in the early tournament and as many live viewers would tell you both games against BlackHand could have gone either way. Impulsion looking especially hot as gunfights against him seemed impossible to win all night long.

Another accomplishment under Astra’s belt as they continue to move up in the young Halo Infinite scene. Astra plans to take on XSet in the North American HCS Open for a chance to compete in the Pro Series on thursday. Follow @Aspyre_Ent on twitter to get all the updates for everything Aspyre and Astra and @AspyreEnt on twitch to catch all our eSports action.

Listen Below:

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