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Aspyre Astra Miss Out On HCS Anaheim

By Cameron (A1rzee) Ayres

Written Feb. 6 2022

Aspyre Astra is searching for answers after another week missing out on the HCS Pro Series however this week is one of the worst blows to the team thus far. After failing to qualify in week 4 of the HCS Pro series they went into last Sunday with LAN on their sights. Astra started strong making it to winners round 6 where they would face off against their early season demons G1 Esports, ultimately falling in that game pushing them down to losers. Losers did not go any better as they lost eliminating them from HCS Anaheim contention.

Aspyre Astra is poised to rebound and with the talent on this team they have been underperforming for their standards and questions are being asked within on how this team can get back to form in time for the next LAN event in Kansas City.

All the while whispers loom surrounding the future of this roster.

Stay up to date with all things Aspyre: Twitter - @Asypre_ENT. Twitch - @AspyreENT

Listen Below:

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