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Aspyre VS NRG: Head to Head

By Justyn “Reider” Reid

Written Feb. 6 2022

Aspyre, ranked 54th overall in NA and NRG, ranked 6th overall NA went head to head February 1st in Nerd Street’s Winter Championship Last Chance Qualifier. Based on rankings you’d assume Apyre would be a pylon in the way of NRG’s qualification into the Winter Classic, NRG took the best of 3 match 2-0, that being said Aspyre definitely proved they belong in the top 30 of teams, consistently surprising their opponents with game changing strategies and a sense of unlimited potential on this Aspyre roster.

The first game, played on Haven, NRG took 13-4. The Second game, played on Bind, NRG took 13-7. A tough loss knocking Aspyre out of the qualls but securing 11 rounds against a team with over 168 thousand dollars in earnings is a start. Definitely lots of positives out of a high profile match but more importantly the team knows now what it takes to take down the pros.

Stay up to date with all things Aspyre: Twitter - @Asypre_ENT. Twitch - @AspyreENT

Listen Below:


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