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AyyFatTony Changes His Name as Part of Rebrand

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

By: Alexander “Mins101” Allan

January 11th 2022

AyyFatTony joined Aspyres content creator roster back on October 30, 2021. When Tony first joined his name was “itsFatTony”, but he has now changed the name over to “AyyFatTony” on all his social media platforms.

AyyFatTony says in a tweet that he wanted to rebrand his name to have a more searchable name on every social media platform.

Fat Tony currently has 2.5k followers on twitch and plays a variety of games from Overwatch, Icarus, Halo, and many more popular gaming titles. While this streamer grows his “MealTeamSix” community here with Aspyre, make sure to check him out on his socials to keep up to date with all his latest and greatest content.

Listen Below:

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