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Dazize joins Aspyre Content Creator Team

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

By Cameron “A1rzee” Ayres

Written Jan 10th, 2022

Aspyre Entertainment has just brought on up and coming twitch streamer “Dazize” as part of the content creator family the organization announced Monday via social media. In a post Asypre expressed such excitement stating “Dazize is our first content creator pick up in quite some time, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the Aspyre family.

“Dazize” will bring viewership from a multitude of different titles stemming from “Sea Of Thieves, Rocket League and Halo Infinite” among other popular titles.

The twitch streamer with a following of 1.2k will look to make an immediate impact on the Aspyre community bringing good vibes and chill streams.

Stay up to date with all things Aspyre: Twitter - @Asypre_ENT. Twitch - @AspyreENT

Listen Below:

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