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R6 Team Holding Tryouts: R6 Rebuild

By Justyn “Reider” Reid

Written March 2nd 2022

Aspyre’s Rainbow 6 team is heading through yet another rebuild as Sledges has left the team to pursue other opportunities and Dirty has stepped back and adopted a coaching role. Nonetheless, Aspyre with an improvised roster was able to pull out a victory against Acadia in round one of the Night League playoffs.

Aspyre has been extremely successful in past tryouts acquiring hot talent such as Done (“NotDoneYet”) and is hoping to acquire some more players with experience and skillset to propel this team to a championship.

Under the leadership of former captain Dirty, the team has already conducted a few tryouts and we should be expecting to see a new roster announcement within the next week or so.

Stay up to date with all things Aspyre: Twitter - @Asypre_ENT. Twitch - @AspyreENT

Listen Below:

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